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Quality Policy
REV. DEL 21/06/2021

The Management of Eredi Airoldi Srl has decided to adopt a quality management system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. In this context, it issues this Quality Policy with the intention of pursuing the following objectives:

  • To become a point of reference in the Italian and European markets in the production of strips anc cold rolled pipings.
  • Maintain and improve an effective Quality Management System that helps the company to increase the satisfaction of customers and all interested parties.
  • Optimize the resources available in the company through constant improvement of management and production processes.
  • Promote a process-based approach in which the activities carried out are continuously monitored and reviewed on the basis of measurable objectives.
  • Work in close collaboration with suppliers and customers in order to identify any key aspects that may impact the quality of the final product and delivery times.
  • Adopt constant interaction with the customer in order to offer not only the supply of compliant products but also adequate service and technical assistance.
  • Implement a growing staff involvement to increase their motivation and awareness of the importance of their role in compliance with the management system procedures.
  • Implement proper management of risks and opportunities in order to promote investments and improvement actions such as to maintain high competitiveness in its sector.
  • Promote the disclosure of this Policy to all company personnel, customers and suppliers.


The Management, in order to achieve the stated objectives, promotes:


  • Staff participation and involvement in learning and coaching programs
  • A proactive attitude in pursuing the improvement of processes


The implementation and dissemination of the quality policy at all company levels are guaranteed by:


  • Display of this document in the offices and production departments as well as availability to anyone who requests it.
  • Review and periodic checks to ensure the implementation and maintenance of the Management System.



Civate 21/06/2021                                                                                                 The Direction

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